Great Expectations

Tomorrow night, I will wear dresses and makeup.  I will try my best to put my shoulders back and stick my boobs out.  I will not forget the opening dance sequence transitions.  I will introduce who I am in less than a minute.  Be impressionable.  I will walk here, then there, curtsy, then pose. Then I will perform my talent, which is somehow supposed to  prove that I am better than everyone else.  I will answer one question that will determine whether or not I am a good Taiwanese-American.  All while smiling.

Wish you were here!

PS Live tweets from the San Gabriel Hilton will start at approximately 5:30PST with the hashtag #BobaPageantDreams, virtually hosted by my sister @MindiWen


  1. I'm following Mindi on Twitter now! :) Btw, I like your labels at the botton of this blog! ;D Anyhow, GO NIKKI!! Woot woot!! ;D

  2. Great Job last night, Princess! Congratulations! <3