"Dancin' all around, Mama's got a crown...'cause she's a PRINCESS" - Whitney Flinn

PAGEANT IS OVER! I've been scouring the Interwebz for all sorts of sources to compile into a digital scrapbook thing.  Well, are you ready?

Photo credits are due first: Emily Wu, Felix Liusky, Michelle Lin, Mindi DePaola, Rebekah Boudreaux, Steven Lam, Stephen Hsu, Steven Chou, Wesley Wong

And extra eProps to Mindi for Tweets and video :)

Click below for a massive pile of media!

Hint on how to use Storify: remember to keep clicking "Read More"


  1. REally wonderful photos of all of you Nikki, but especially of you - you looked amazing. Amazing to see your Mom wear a dress too! ha ha ha. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time. What a fun experience!

  2. aahhhh! You looked so awesome! What interview question did you get? How did you answer? I saw your emphatic gesturing. Also there were a few pictures of you and other contestants with your hands up. Was that part of a dance or did you have to pose with your hands up? jc

    Anyways I wish I had been there! I like your dresses alot... this might inspire an evening gown party. Maybe like oscars night themed?