"Pageantin' ain't easy" - MC Neekee

I'm trying to find a tacky/not-tacky widget to place on the side of the blog here, where you can see a countdown clock to the pageant day.  Widget added! (Thanks Lan!) August 6th seems like...oh EFF, like next week???  As of now, where am I in pageant progress?  What have I accomplished?  What do I still need to do?  If I had a widget that showed my pageant prep progress, this is where I would want to be:

This is where I feel like I am:


"I couldn't help but wonder..."

Nearly two weeks have gone by since I've become an official pageant contestant. Since the beginning of the blog, I feel like I've had to tread this line between expression and competition. If I veer too far into [critical] expression, I risk unofficial elimination. If I say nothing at all, then what is the point of this blog?

One of the biggest questions I ask myself about being in this pageant is: how does this affect me as a feminist? I think the short answer is that it shouldn't/doesn't. Yet, now I feel like I need to pose rhetorical questions à la Carrie Bradshaw in order to make this entry meaningful and worthwhile.


Monday Funday

GUYS sorry Sunday was ruined.  I'm working on a more intense piece and I kind of want it to sound like I put effort into it.

With that said, I'll leave you with something more on the fun side.  While researching this "Bobee" song that we'll be dancing to, I discovered that it's a cover of a Korean song by pop group T-ara.  I learned on Saturday that "Bobee" is a song about going to temple...or something. It's sung in Taiwanese, so I'm not too certain about the meaning, but I mean, look at the video.  It's very temple-y.  

T-ara's song "Bo Peep", on the other hand, is not about temple, and was even given essentially an "R" rating by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism. So-so-so scandalous!

Taiwan's "Bobee":

Korea's "Bo Peep":

If you've ever seen a K-drama (Korean drama for you n00bs), on-screen couples are barely allowed to hold hands.  As my friend Lan reiterated, "Omg, I didn't know Koreans kissed on camera"...

Thoughts?????? TELL MEEEEEE


Storm and Stress

It’s my first Friday Friday!  And what a week it has been!  I feel like I haven’t had a moment to rest, and the pageant has barely started.  I can’t concentrate on a single thing at any moment, I’m eating all weird, and I wake up exhausted from crazy dreams about the Beckhams.   The question is: has the pageant been stressing me out, or have I been stressing myself out?  Read on to find the answer to this dramatically-phrased question!


First Impressions

It’s finally Weekend Wednesday and I can spill all the secrets I’ve learned! For starters, I’m sure you’re quite interested in what exactly went down on Saturday.  What did I do for 8+ hours?  How were the other contestants?  Did I see William and Kate hanging out in LA? My responses to these queries are:  stuff, aiiiight, and yes we’re bffs now.


Cursed Leg and Photo Goodies

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you are anxiously awaiting to hear all about the details from my first day of pageant training.  But first, I’m going to introduce you to my first character in this blog narrative.  Everyone, please meet Cursed Leg.



Oh, hello there, I didn't see you come in.  You caught me in the middle of preparing for my pageant.  Won't you join me?  Now that you've comfortably rested your mouse and your gaze has settled on my gorgeous background, allow me to welcome you to my blog!

Should you choose to subscribe, you will be following me on my quest to become the next Miss Taiwanese-American.  Honestly, I have a feeling I don't know what I'm getting myself into.  What I do know is that I have bought six dresses and a pair of shoes at Ross for $150,  I have one month to master my talent, and I also lack the muscles needed to stand up straight, wear high heels, and smile properly.  Great!

Luckily, my uncle's fiancé Yi Pi has graciously offered to be my part-time pageant coach.  It'll be like MTV's Made but without Yi Pi pounding on my door at 6am telling me to run to the gym and taking away my fatty foods.

Guess what guys, this pageant is on August 6.  This means the whole month of July will be full on dedication to Taiwanese pageantry.  As of now, the number of contestants is still a mystery, but I will enlighten you as soon as I get home from eight hours of preparation, rehearsal, and press conferencing!  Unless I pass out.  In which case I will be blogging upon resuming consciousness.

Now that we're all friends, I look forward to your comments (omigodplzcommentsoiknowsomeonereadsthis)!

PS In case blogging up to three times a week isn't good enough for you, make sure you check out my Twitter feed on the side over there for some little extra-pageantry nuggets.