Monday Funday

GUYS sorry Sunday was ruined.  I'm working on a more intense piece and I kind of want it to sound like I put effort into it.

With that said, I'll leave you with something more on the fun side.  While researching this "Bobee" song that we'll be dancing to, I discovered that it's a cover of a Korean song by pop group T-ara.  I learned on Saturday that "Bobee" is a song about going to temple...or something. It's sung in Taiwanese, so I'm not too certain about the meaning, but I mean, look at the video.  It's very temple-y.  

T-ara's song "Bo Peep", on the other hand, is not about temple, and was even given essentially an "R" rating by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism. So-so-so scandalous!

Taiwan's "Bobee":

Korea's "Bo Peep":

If you've ever seen a K-drama (Korean drama for you n00bs), on-screen couples are barely allowed to hold hands.  As my friend Lan reiterated, "Omg, I didn't know Koreans kissed on camera"...

Thoughts?????? TELL MEEEEEE


  1. mmk so I watched these in parallel without sound. It made for some interesting juxtapositions.

    The best of which was:
    The camera follows nails scratching up a naked back then focuses on the woman's eyes turning catlike while in the above video men in painted puppet suits bob back and forth on a background of curly cartoon clouds.

    Also very confused when the girl in the R-rated video had a tail that sort of got sucked up back into her dress. Will this be included in the pageant in some way?

  2. On-screan?? Am I missing a pun here?

  3. @Mindi. UGH. Changed it. I am so lame.

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  5. Just one thought, what is YOUR choreography? I do hope that it includes cutesy moves and whiskers

  6. whoa, I had read this post before but did not watch the videos ( which is weird because normally I would jump to watch some Korean music group) I mush prefer the second one, but feel wrong watching it do to it's overly mature content for Koreans.... It has me asking :how is this possible? and I hope they got more publicity than the group who re-recorded it cuz the praying then crying and cleaning cob-webs remind me too much fo Charlotte's web.